Hi, my name is Alex.
I’m a multi-disciplinary
visual designer & art director based in London.

Scroll along for selected projects
or get to know more About Me.

SunExpress digital relaunch
Website with a beach body
Fadista typeface
A typeface for 80 years in the making
Student design show
Fold, crease, flip, pull, turn, fold again.
Thai Airways Website
Flying bold, landing light
Lufthansa icon library
A whole fleet of little icons
Lufthansa Group CT conference
Teamwork, all intertwined
Kaept'n Knopf Website
Teddy on a cruise
“Off to the sun” campaign
Your sidekicks for the next vacation
In-flight Shopping Quiz
A game show for flight attendants
"Schüttel Deinen Speck"
Kleines Wunder – Tiny Miracle
A kiosk that works miracles
SunExpress short getaways
Bite-sized vacations
Planer pocket calendar
Student's best friend